Catsense new job opportunities

Catsense is a multi-disciplinary project between state-of-the-art laboratories and industries that will merge physics, chemistry, computational quantum chemistry, and biosciences and utilize a unique combination of very advanced cluster deposition sources as well as in situ characterization techniques.

Catsense's new interactive approach will combine:

  • the production of mono- and bi-metallic gas-phase clusters (few atoms to 5 nm) of controlled homogeneity,
  • the extensive characterization of their morphology, structure (ex and in situ) and optical properties,
  • the theoretical modeling and screening,
  • the catalytic and biosensing laboratory tests followed by the prototyping of the most promising catalyst and biosensor.

Catsense’s training programme is based on a strong collaboration between the public and the private sector and will combine local expert training at each academic and industrial partner, a network-wide secondment scheme, and an intense series of seminars, workshops and schools. Its goal is to provide each ESR employed in the network with a unique set of cross-cutting expertise & skills, as demanded by employers in nanoscience & nanotechnology both in academia and industry.