Catsense researchers endorse UN’s sustainable development goals

sustainable development goals

Catsense researchers endorse UN’s sustainable development goals, stressing their passion to contribute to affordable and clean energy, and underwriting the need to reduce inequalities by improving the quality of education for many and decreasing our environmental impact on a global scale.


“I believe more researchers should get involved in developing new devices and technologies that benefit the environment and benefit the people who suffer from pollution and climate change”, says Alexandra, highlighting the active role Catsense scientists and researchers take up to act on climate change and affordable and clean energy.

“Making planet Earth a better place to live is mandatory in order to reduce inequalities, improve the quality of life of many and reduce our environmental impact. Clean energy is the key of this process”, confirms Giorgia.

For the majority of the Catsense researchers, clean energy and climate action are the top priorities of the 16 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.   

I would personally like to modify the goal “climate action” into “climate action with climate justice”, says Anupam. “We need climate action with climate justice. World stands divided today on many issues and with time, the scale of these issues is no longer local but global. It is now the need of the hour to collectively stand and responsibly troubleshoot the problems that were created during the rise of today’s society.”

“Indeed,” confirms Bela, “climate action and quality education are the key for having a future. First, I choose zero hunger and clean water and sanitation as without water and food the other goals seem a bit pointless. After these are climate action and quality education as these are the key for having a future. And in order to have a hope of achieving any of these we need partnerships for the goals."

“Yes,” adds Giorgia, “simply because together we are stronger. In my opinion, collaboration is the key for faster, future success.” 

Anupam: “Quality education is key,” I agree with Bela. “Education is a continuous and dynamic process of self-discovery and self-development that starts from one’s cradle and ends in one’s grave. It is surely the biggest investment that can push today’s world to achieve all other development goals. So, for me, education and reforming education itself as per need, is the priority goal.”

Giorgia: “Absolutely! Knowledge and education are our only weapons to fight inequalities and discrimination. Providing quality education for children means to give them the strength and the abilities to grant the world a better future. That said, the future is now. We don’t have to wait. We can all contribute to make this world a better place by responsible consumption and production. I feel it is something we can just do in order to improve our own quality of life and the quality of life of planet Earth. All of us can contribute, every day, using local, sustainable resources."


Affordable and clean energy, good health and well-being, quality education and climate action were chosen as the top 4 sustainable development goals by the Catsense researchers Alexandra Raileanu, Antonio Ruiz Puigdollers, Anupam Yadav, Bela Sebok, Giorgia Fiaschi, Giuseppe Sanzone, Peng Mao, Philomena Schlexer, Richa Pandey, Rongscheng Cai, Ting-Wei Liao, Wondimu Gebreyes, Yubiao Niu


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