ESR8: Richa Pandey - Tel-Aviv University

Richa PandeyRicha Pandey is pursuing her doctorate at the Department of Physical Electronics, Tel Aviv University, with the motivation to find effective yet cheap ways of democratising diagnostic devices.

Her research involves design, fabrication and testing of whole cell and enzymatic biosensors based on nanoparticle modified polymers for realising flexible diagnostic platforms.

Beside this, modelling and simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics™ is an integral part of her research work.

Previously she acquired a master in Nanoscience and Technology, during which she explored nanoparticle based non- enzymatic electrochemical biosensors.

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Richa Pandey, Rakefet Ofek Almog, Yelena Sverdlov, and Yosi Shacham-Diamand (2017). Self-Aligned Electrochemical Fabrication of Gold Nanoparticle Decorated Polypyrrole Electrode for Alkaline Phosphatase Enzyme Biosensing. Journal of the Electrochemical Society 2017 164: B168-B175.

Tal Yoetz-Kopelman, Richa Pandey, Amihay Freeman, Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Modeling of suspended vs. immobilized whole-cell amperometric biosensors, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 238, January 2017, Pages 1248-1257, ISSN 0925-4005,

Rakefet Ofek Almog, Richa Pandey, Yelena Sverdlov, and Yosi Shacham-Diamand. Gold Nanoparticle Metallization of Flexible Conducting Polymer Electrode. Electrochemical Society Transactions 2015 66: 1-11.