ESR3: Rongsheng Cai - University of Birmingham

Rongsheng CaiRongsheng Cai is pursuing his PhD in Nanoscale Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Research Laboratory at the University of Birmingham. He obtained his master degree in material science, during which he investigated the microstructure and growth mechanism of different low-dimensional materials. Currently, his research focuses on developing large-area cluster deposition system and investigating catalytic activity of physically deposited clusters. He is also interested in scaling up the cluster production rate. In addition, STEM studies coupled with structure simulations are another part of his research.


Rongsheng CaiNan JianShane MurphyKarl Bauer, and Richard E. Palmer (2017). A new method to prepare colloids of size-controlled clusters from a matrix assembly cluster source. APL Materials 5, 053405 (2017); [Open access]


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