ESR2: Anupam Yadav - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Anupam YadavAnupam majored in Nanotechnology (B.Eng and M.Eng, Gold Medalist) from Amity University India specializing in applied material engineering. He completed his bachelor project at McGill University on the topic "Self-powered microfluidics for point of care diagnostics" and master's project on "Advanced anodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" at KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

His career objective and main interest lies in seamless integration of academia and industry in new areas of scientific development.

He is topper throughout and a recipient of the prestigious MITACS-Globalink Fellowship 2012. He was a finalist of the All India Gennext Leader Discovery Contest 2012 by Ramakrishna Mission and has volunteered as Assistant Manger in Spectator Services in Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010.

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Composition dependent self-organization in Au-Ag core shell nanostructures - LIAO, Ting-Wei (KU Leuven); YADAV, Anupam (KU Leuven); COSENTINO, Salvatore (KU Leuven); GRANDJEAN, Didier (KU Leuven); VAN BAEL, Margriet (KU Leuven); PORTALE, Giuseppe (University of Groningen); HU, Kuo-Juei (University of Birmingham); PALMER, Richard (University of Birmingham); LIEVENS, Peter (KU Leuven) ; Poster Presentation at the General Scientific Meeting 2016 of the Belgian Physical Society