ESR12: Maryam Ahani - KU Leuven

Maryam Ahani 


Assessment of market potential for Catsense innovative nanotechnology



  • Frame the industrial environment where the innovative nanotechnologies developed by the Catsense project can be of interest.
  • Define possible applications in the fields relevant to Catsense: (bio)sensors and actuators and (electro)catalysts for fuel cells for the automotive industry.
  • Identify and analyse a possible market for Catsense most promising application and prepare a preliminary business plan.


  • The work includes a study on the integration of the Catsense technologies with already existing industrial platforms.
  • Interview the Catsense consortium members and summarize the technology status and their proposed applications.
  • Identify and contact possible industrial partners, venture capital and opinion leaders to discuss possible applications.
  • Interact with leaders in management and define the outline of business proposal promoting Catsense most promising technology.