ER1: Salvatore Cosentino - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Salvatore Cosentino

Salvatore Cosentino served as a post-doc fellow at the KU Leuven from 2015 till 2017. He worked as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Marie-Curie ITN CATSENSE project on "Design of novel high performance catalysis and biosensors based on metallic nanoclusters".
He attained his Master Degree in Physics with full marks (110/110 cum laude) from the University of Catania in 2010. In November 2010 he started a Ph.D. in Science and Technology of Materials at the University of Catania and got his PhD degree with full marks (cum laude) in February 2014. 
His main scientific interests are focused on the investigation of group IV nanostructures for optoelectronics and PV applications. During his Ph.D. project he has been actively involved in several scientific collaborations with: CNR-IMM, Brown University, Bilkent University, Varian and ST-Microelectronics. He spent part of his research activity at Brown University (Providence, RI, USA), under the supervision of Prof. D. Pacifici and at Bilkent University (Ankara, Turkey), under the supervision of Prof. A. Aydinli. 
During his Ph.D. he presented the results of his research activities, giving both oral and poster contributions, at the following international conferences: 2011 E-MRS spring meeting (Nice), 2011 MRS fall meeting (Boston), 2012 E-MRS spring Meeting (Strasbourg), 2012 MRS fall meeting (Boston), 2013 E-MRS spring Meeting (Strasbourg) and 2014 E-MRS spring Meeting (Lille). 
He won the young scientist award at the 2013 E-MRS conference and has been awarded with a grant by the Blanceflor Boncompagni-Ludovisi foundation for his research activity. Salvatore Cosentino is author or co-author of several articles, published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and he is also co-author of a book chapter.



Composition dependent self-organization in Au-Ag core shell nanostructures - LIAO, Ting-Wei (KU Leuven); YADAV, Anupam (KU Leuven); COSENTINO, Salvatore (KU Leuven); GRANDJEAN, Didier (KU Leuven); VAN BAEL, Margriet (KU Leuven); PORTALE, Giuseppe (University of Groningen); HU, Kuo-Juei (University of Birmingham); PALMER, Richard (University of Birmingham); LIEVENS, Peter (KU Leuven) ; Poster Presentation at the General Scientific Meeting 2016 of the Belgian Physical Society 

Electrochemical Characterization of low Platinum loading Electrodes produced via a Cluster Beam Source - Lisa Geerts, Salvatore Cosentino, Jan Rongé, Tom Bosserez, Peter Lievens, Johan A. Martens ; Poster Presentation at the 1st Chemical Research in Flanders Symposium, October 24 - 26, 2016, Blankenberge, Belgium