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Quantum Chemistry Laboratory

The Quantum Chemistry Laboratory/Department of Materials Science directed by Gianfranco Pacchioni, studies electronic and chemical properties of supported metal clusters by using first principles theory.

The group has a consolidated experience in the description of oxide supports, surface defects and their role in stabilizing metal atoms and NPs. The group focuses on the study of small metal clusters on surfaces, their chemical activity, diffusion and nucleation processes. It contributed significantly to the elucidation of mechanisms of reactivity of size-selected clusters deposited on MgO, SiO2, TiO2, and has discovered a new phenomenon occurring when metal clusters are deposited on ultra-thin oxides.

The group has established experience in combining first principle calculations with experimental results. This has allowed substantial progress in the understanding of adsorption and reaction mechanisms of supported NPs. 


Catsense ESRs at the University of Milano-Bicocca

  • ESR5: Philomena Schlexer
  • ESR6: Antonio Ruiz


Practical Information

Accommodation possibilities for (foreign) doctorate students in Milan

Welcome to Milan, a city that unites history, elegance and modern design. Here, it is quite impossible to escape from arts and culture. However, there are some beautiful points of repose, such as the “parco sempione”. Living in Milan will provide you with delicious food and good apartments. The former are usually furnished so that you do not have to take care about this point.

(1) Accommodation possibility from the University:

Single and double room apartments with bathroom are available for 250-500€/Month. There are two main complexes of this accommodation type. One is directly on the campus and the other one is more far away (but easily accessible by bus). In the former one, there are shared kitchens and in the last one, a kitchen is integrated in every apartment (kitchen nook).

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(2) EasyStanza - Search engine for shared and small apartments:

EasyStanza is a semi-commercial platform for people that offer or search single or double rooms in shared apartments. However also small apartments are offered. Once signed it, a large supply of various room types is accessible.


(3) Guest room from ESR 5:

For short stays, I can help you to find a private accommodation. Send me an email for more information.