Tel Aviv University - TAU

Laboratory for micro and nano system and technologies

The group of Prof. Shachamthe laboratory for micro and nano system and technologies has state-of-the-art research facilities dedicated for electrochemical processing (i.e. deposition and etching), electrochemical characterization, packaging and electrochemical  and electrical device testing mainly for biosensors and ULSI interconnects.

Located in Israel's cultural, financial and industrial heartland, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is the largest university in Israel and the biggest Jewish university in the world. It is a major center of teaching and research, comprising nine faculties, 106 departments, and 90 research institutes. TAU offers an extensive range of study programs in the arts and sciences, within its Faculties of Engineering, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, Arts and Management.

Since 2000 TAU inaugurated a Micro-fabrication facility, a University research institute for nano Science and Technology (TAU-NST) and the Wolfson Material characterization center.

The current infrastructure support >180 faculty members and graduate students as well as external user from Israel and abroad. 


Catsense ESRs at Tel Aviv University

  • ESR7: Richa Pandey
  • ESR8: Giorgia Fiaschi