Teer Coatings Limited- TCL

Teer Coatings research department

Teer Coatings Limited (TCL) is part of the Miba Coating Group with the Miba Group of Companies. TCL specialises in the provision of physical vapour deposition (PVD), primarily magnetron sputtering-based, coatings and coating equipment for a range of high performance applications, including automotive (and F1), aerospace, metal forming (including minting) and cutting, energy (including coatings for fuel cells and electrolyzers), medical equipment, oil and gas, etc. TCL also participates extensively in collaborative R&D, and for the past 6 years this has included nanocluster formation and deposition technology, for which TCL now offers commercial cluster generation equipment.

TCL has a turnover of ~€4M and is based in a ~2000m2 factory in Droitwich, UK. The company has 55 employees while the whole Miba Group is now over 4,000 strong, with worldwide production and research, and turns over around €600M.  


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