KU Leuven - KUL

A consortium of 3 complementary groups at KU Leuven

l Department of Phys. & Astr./ Lab. of Solid State Physics & Magnetism (VSM) that is leading the consortium has concerted research interests related to the physics of reduced-dimensionality systems and biophysics with a new focus on the development of Biosensors.In this laboratory the research will be carried out within the Clusters and Laser Spectroscopy group that combines research activities on atomic scale solid state physics, investigated mainly with laser-based and laser spectroscopic techniques.
Department of Chemistry /Molecular Visualization and Photonics (MNM) has established an ensemble of techniques with special emphasis on time and space resolved optical and non-optical microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.
Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (COK)  constitutes a large interdisciplinary team involved in the chemistry of the solid-gas, solid-liquid, & solid-solid interphases

The consortium consists of 9 staff, 35 postdocs and 40 doctoral students.


Catsense ESRs and ER at KU Leuven

  • ESR1: Ting-Wei Liao
  • ESR2: Anupam Yadav
  • ER1: Salvatore Cosentino