Filarete Servizi SRL - FIL

Associate Partner

Filarete Foundation (FIL) is a Public/Private Partnership created by the University of Milan, Cariplo Foundation and the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, with the mission of stimulating and nurturing high-tech entrepreneurial initiatives in the field of nanotechnology, biomedicine and pharmacology. FIL coordinates and operates the activity of a Business Accelerator with 80 employees (30 students and 40 postdocs) based on a facility of 6500 m2. It incorporates nine “state-of-the-art” interacting scientific platforms each working under the guidance of a qualified research team with advanced advisory and financial structures for business incubation and technology transfer.

The two platforms relevant for this project are Micro- & nano-fabrication and Proteomics. FIL is active in the field of synthesis and characterization of inorganic and polymeric NPs and nanostructured systems, biocompatibility evaluation, scale-up of NP/cluster production processes, study of drug action in complex model systems, target-based drug discovery processes, drug screening on cell-based assays.