Lab Courses

  • ATC1 - Nanocharacterization with Electrons [UoB]

    The ATC1 lab course was held at the University of Birmingham, UK on November 13 and 14th, 2014

    Please find the final programme below.

    ATC1 was combined with SBM2.

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  • ATC3 - Electrochemistry applied to Biosensing [TAU]

    The ATC3 lab course was held in combination with the SB meeting 3 at the Engineering Building, Tel Aviv University, Israel on May 18, 19 and 20th, 2015.

    Please find the updated programme below.

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  • ATC2 - Single Cluster Optical Spectroscopy [KUL]

    The ATC2 lab course was held at KU Leuven, New Chemistry Building, Arenberg Campus III, Leuven, Belgium on March 10 and 11th, 2016

    Please find the programme below.

    ATC2 will be combined with the ATC7 workshop and the SBM 5.

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  • ATC5 - In situ ‘Operando’ Characterization [DTU]

    The ATC5 lab course was held at DTU, Fysikvej Building 307, 311, 312 and 314, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark on June 16 and 17th, 2016

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  • ATC4 - Polymer Microfabrication Technology for Microfluidic Biosensors [UMIL-KUL]

     The ATC4 lab course was held in Leuven, Belgium on Thursday September 7, 2017.

     Location: Celestijnenlaan 200D, 3001 Leuven. Room 05.26.

    The lab course aimed to strengthen the technical skills of the participants and consisted of 4 tutorials of 90 minutes each (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). Download event poster here.

     ATC4 was combined with ATC12 Summer School and ATC10 workshop.

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